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Our cloud-based solutions offer enterprise-level phone systems for small businesses.

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Register a new local or international landline number or let us port your existing number to our servers.

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2. Record a greeting

Record personalised greetings and mailbox messages, directing your customers to the right people in your business.

Call Extensions

3. Add Extensions

Set up as many call forwarding extensions as you need and our platform will handle all your inbound calls.

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With no upfront investment you can set up a virtual landline and reap the benefits of a professional phone system.

Don’t let your business suffer by advertising a mobile number that can only take one call at a time; opt for Forward Numbers and give your business the professional image it deserves.

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Gain access to new business opportunities with virtual landline numbers.


Unlimited Connectivity:

Forward calls to any local/international mobile or landline number.


Brand Development:

Increase customer experience with frictionless telecommunications.


On-going Cost Savings:

Our cloud-based subscription model means you only pay for what you need.

Start 2018 off right by signing up with Forward Numbers – it’s the effective way to communicate with clients.

Few companies have the time and resources to run a business and still focus on their clients.

Staying connected in the digital age is the difference between being successful and losing customers to competitors. But this costs money; requires expensive infrastructure and personnel – something that most companies simply can’t afford.

The way your clients get in touch with you matters.

Do you share your personal mobile number or have you got a second mobile on a cheaper plan?

Advertising a mobile number doesn’t look very professional and incoming calls can easily get lost in the mix of a busy schedule.

Companies spend thousands on costly phone systems. That’s crazy and completely unnecessary. Forward Numbers is focused on bringing new ways for small teams to do big things at an affordable price.

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Virtual Receptionist

Forward Numbers is a virtual receptionist for your business, with all calls answered by a custom greeting with instructions for callers to select.

No Hardware Required

Forward Numbers works with your existing mobile and home/office phones so you never have to purchase, install, or maintain expensive phone hardware. It’s all in the “cloud”.

Unlimited Extensions

Forward calls anywhere: mobile, home, office. Instantly create department extensions and employee extensions. Callers can select from a menu or enter a specific employee extension.

International Numbers

Choose an international number from over 50 countries and give your brand a global presence.

Local & Regional Numbers

Choose a number from a specific city or region. Eg. Manchester, England; Dublin, Ireland, Or San Francisco, CA.

Free Phone and Low Call Numbers

Increase trust and value for your customers with a Free Phone and Low Call Number.

Get Voicemails Delivered via email

No more calling in to check messages: just open the MP3 attachment while checking emails. It’s as easy as that!

Record Greetings Yourself or Use our Recording Service

The most professional businesses use our Recording Service to record their greetings. You can even record your own greetings, just send us the recording by email and we’ll do the rest!

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Benefits of Forward Numbers.

Compared to a traditional phone service or office telephone system, Forward Numbers offers many advantages to help your small business thrive. Here are just a few…

Initial and Ongoing Cost Savings

With Forward Numbers, your small business phone system is operated and maintained by us, so there’s no upfront investment and no maintenance costs.

State of the Art Phone Features

Just like a Fortune 500 business phone system, Forward Numbers offers a full suite of telephony features to make your company stand out from the competition.

Ease of Setup and Use

Forward Numbers is 100% web-based and comes pre-configured based on your specific business and users.

How much does Forward Numbers cost?

Euro-for-euro, Forward Numbers is one of the best investments you can make in running a better business.

Virtual landlines from just €9.99/month


for just


1 number · Unlimited extensions · Shared minutes · 1000 minutes*

Perfect for businesses looking to dominate


for just


  • 1 numbers
  • 4 extensions
  • 200 minutes*
Perfect for sole traders and small businesses


for just


  • 1 number
  • 2 extensions
  • 60 minutes*
Perfect for freelancers

* Out of bundle incoming calls cost 15¢ per minute for calls forwarded.

If you sign up for a Business Plan, your total minutes can be shared amongst multiple numbers.

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Common Questions

What happens when the trial’s up? Will we be charged?

Yes, the credit card you provide will be changed once your 30-day trial has ended. If you choose to cancel your card before then, you may without charge.


What if I want to cancel at the end of my trial?

No Problem. Forward Numbers isn’t for everyone. If you come to the end of your trial and either feel you are not using your number enough or that we don’t offer the features you require, then let us know and we will send you a short questionnaire to fill out and will cancel your account. If you have out of bundle minutes, then you will be charged for those, but you will receive no further subscription charges.


What if I don’t receive the reminder emails?

We do require that you sign up using your main business email as it is important that our emails get through to you. That said, we know you are busy running a business and sometimes your inbox can get a little out of hand. If you get in contact with us we will be happy to refund any charges made to your credit card (within reason)


What is Forward Numbers virtual phone number?

Forward Numbers is a real phone number from any 50+ countries that can be forwarded to your existing phone, your voicemail or to your SIP/VoIP account. You can even create custom greetings, unlimited extensions and have an all-in-one virtual phone service featuring auto-attendant and professional greetings.


How do I sign up to Forward Numbers?

You can sign up for a Forward Numbers account right on our website. Click here to start signing up by choosing your plan.


How am I charged for the service?

For geographical and national Forward Numbers, there is a one-time setup fee and a recurring monthly fee. If you forward your calls to a mobile or landline phone, then you also pay a call forwarding fee depending on the destination that the call is forwarded. If you forward your calls to voicemail or to SIP/VoIP, then no forwarding fees apply.
For Toll Free Forward Numbers, there is also a per minute incoming fee and for some toll-free Forward Numbers there is also a call setup fee.


Do you offer service for International Callers?

Yes, we offer our service worldwide.


Can I use my existing phone number?

Porting your number to our service is an effortless and easy task with Forward Numbers provided that your number is portable. Please check your number’s portability with our support team.


Who owns the numbers that are assigned to me by Forward Numbers?

You will be the owner of the toll-free, local and international numbers that Forward Numbers assigns you, as long as your account is open and in good standing. You’ll be able to transfer any of your toll-free or local numbers to other providers at any time – even the ones you get from Forward Numbers. The number will always be yours and you can take it with you!


Can I make outgoing calls with Forward Numbers?

You can only receive calls with Forward Numbers, you cannot make outgoing calls.

Start your free trail today and transform how you communicate with your clients.

Our cloud-based solutions offer enterprise-level phone systems for small businesses.

For as low as €9.95 a month you can stay on top of your client base and never miss a call again!

If for any reason you are not happy with our system during your 30-day trial we cancel your subscription without charge.

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